Raz-B Has On-Stage Meltdown at B2K Reunion Show, Says Only Omarion Has His Back


Raz-B & Omarion

Looks like B2K’s reunion tour is dealing with another bump in the road.

Fans in cities across America have welcomed the group with open arms since their return to the stage earlier this month, but behind the scenes, member Raz-B is struggling to maintain composure.

In years past, the 33-year-old singer has made his stance clear on ‘negative’ forces surrounding the group, so it seems the reunion is rekindling certain emotions.

First, he dramatically announced he was dropping himself from the tour only to change his mind hours later; then he expressed his safety concerns because he felt that the group’s ex-manager was “nearby.”

Now, word surfaced about Raz-B leaving the stage mid-performance last night.

A fan captured the incident on their cell phone — see the footage and Raz-B’s explanation below…

With more shows on the horizon, hopefully the group can keep it together and Raz-B gets the help he needs.