Hip-Hop Reacts To Chicago Cubs Winning World Series, Indians Logo Slandered [GALLERY]





The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series in dramatic fashion last night. Your favorite rappers were glued to screen just like the rest of us.

It has been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs won a World Series. That is a very long time, but the final endings and a rain delay of the game seemed to make it an eternity. The back-and-forth duel sent fans and players on an emotional roller coaster. The game is already being called one of the greatest Game 7s in baseball history.

Many may not admit it, but nobody really watches baseball until the playoffs anyway. Which is why you barely heard a peep out of people about the season up until this past week. You can include your favorite rappers in that group of fairweather fans.

Rappers ranging from Chicago natives like Common to Atlanta rapper Killer Mike chimed in on the game that everyone seemed to be watching last night.

Check out some of their reactions below. Skip here to see the Cleveland Indians logo slander.

Do known White Sox fans Common and Chance The Rapper get passes for riding for the Cubs?

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