Summer Camp Uses Inmate Bus to Transport Inner-City Children for Field Trip, Community Outraged


Members of the San Diego community were startled after a photo surfaced showing children being shuttled to the beach in an inmate transport vehicle this morning.

Locals say that police in the area sponsored the San Diego Parks and Recreation summer camp trip, and that is the reason that particular vehicle was used. The fact that the children are Black and Latino has sparked concerns of racism and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Community activist Aeiramique Glass issued this statement on the matter via Facebook

People in the community are looking for answers, and assert that funds should have been used to secure more appropriate transportation, or at least reach out to other potential sponsors.

Glass said she has other sponsors lined up for next year and she is going to request that city rec staff take cultural sensitivity and implicit bias training.

San Diego P.D. and San Diego Parks and Recreation have yet to release a statement.

More photos below. Credit to Ramona Bingham.