Alpo Martinez Is On A War Path



Martinez started selling drugs as early as 13 years old in East Harlem. When he met West side Harlem drug dealer Azie Faison,[1] Alpo started to move up the chain of drug dealers in Harlem and eventually became one of the biggest drug dealers in NYC. He later moved to Washington D.C. to expand operations where he quickly became involved in the city’s underworld and elevated his drug activities. He met Wayne ‘Silk’ Perry, a notorious gangster and D.C. enforcer, who would later become his bodyguard and hitman.[2] With Perry by his side, Alpo garnered even more respect from his street competitors and became greatly feared in the D.C area. On January 3, 1990, Martinez and an accomplice named Big Head Gary aka Lil Gary set up and murdered Rich Porter, who was Alpo’s friend and business partner, in The Bronx, New York. Martinez and Porter had previously been associates who sold drugs together. Alpo murdered Porter for lying about the price of the package they were buying from a joint connection. Finding out his business partner swindled him out of $100,000, Alpo felt it was necessary to end their relationship by taking Porter’s life. It was later discovered that Porter risked getting on Alpo’s bad side due to his brother Donnell being kidnapped by unknown assailants. Porter was desperate to raise cash to pay the bribe and have his brother returned safe. Later on in DC, Martinez got word that Lil Gary, aka Big Head Gary, was gossiping about a large drug deal while in prison. Lil Gary was lured into a car and shot in the head with a revolver, killing him. Gary’s body defecated in the car and the smell was such that Alpo and Wayne found the nearest park to drop the body. They dragged Gary’s body into a park where it was discovered the next day. Later in life, “Alpo” Martinez apologized to the Porter family for murdering Rich Porter.


In 1991, he was arrested in Washington D.C. for selling drugs. He was later charged with conspiracy to commit murder, various drug charges, and 14 counts of murder, including the murder of D.C drug dealer Michael Anthony Salters aka Fray[3] and Brooklyn drug dealer Demencio Benson.[4] Facing the possibility of either the death penalty or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, Martinez turned informant and testified against members of his organization.[5] For his testimony against Perry (who received five consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole), Martinez was sentenced to 35 years in prison.[6]

According to the website of the street wise publication Don Diva Magazine, 49 year old Alberto “Alpo” Martinez was released from a WITSEC FCI federal prison in 2015.[7] According to the website, Martinez is currently in the federal witness protection program awaiting his new identity.[8]

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