Witness Explains Snoop Altercation at Funeral


On Wednesday, rumors were going around saying Snoop Dogg was punched in his face at Ricky Harris’ funeral. Today, one of the two men that reportedly helped take down the man who started the fight spoke out about the incident.

Right off the bat, he quickly dismisses the rumor that Snoop Dogg was punched in the face. According to Dogman, the man had been “grilling Snoop the whole time.” Then towards the end of the service, he approached Snoop and called him a “bitch ass n!gga.”

At this point, Daz Dillinger jumps up in Snoop’s defense. The man then threatens Daz saying “you can get it too.” Shortly after this, Dogman says, is when the fight breaks out.

He also mentions that Snoop’s bodyguards weren’t involved at first. It wasn’t until after this sequence of events that they came and diffused the situation.

He emphasizes that Snoop was “not touched” and there was no beef with the bodyguards, as some claimed.