Vote for #22 Dominick Silvels to Win the Silver Pigskin Award!


We need your vote! TONIGHT IS THE LAST CHANCE TO VOTE.INSTRUCTIONS BELOW OR JUS GO LIKE HIS VIDEO ON @kusippr NOW!!!!!・・・ KUSI PPR Prep Pigskin Report Silver Pigskin Fan Vote Candidate: Dominick Silvels You the people will decide who the 7th finalist will be on the 2016 Silver Pigskin Player of the year Podium. Cast up to 3 votes: Like your player’s photo on the #PPR Facebook page, Retweet your favorite player on @KUSIPPR Twitter, or Like your favorite player’s video on Instagram. On midnight, Thursday November 17th, the Fan Vote polls will close. On the following night, Friday the 18th, during the Week 13 edition of the PPR, the Fan Vote winner will be announced. Suspicious votes will be deleted at the PPR’s discretion.

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Today is the last day to cast your votes! Follow the instructions below and vote for #22 Dominick Silvels!

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