URL vs QOTR ROYALTY Predictions


YO YOOOOOOO Ladies and gentlemen you got your man MRIMINDABUILDN! URL is one of the most, if not ELITE battle leagues in the game. They have innovated the battlerap world with battlers that are now legendary. From Snoop Dogs Gladiator school, Eminem’s Slaughter House and Nick Cannon’s Wild’n Out show picking up some of the most legendary battlers in the game, Battle rap has made a great impact in Hip Hop. With that all being said, anything a man can do a female can do as well.  As URL made their platform there was another league lead by DEBO, former making of the band member Babs Bunny and Vague representing for the ladies, THE QOTR (QUEEN OF THE RING). One particular battle was legendary where one of the BRC’s (Battle rap community) top female MS HUSTLE battled a URL battler O-RED. The speculation was put to rest when the question came whether a female can rap with a male. Fast forward to 2020, the year of the vision, URL vs QOTR is finally here. This action-packed card is an example of how the most elite in battlerap can be put together on one stage and showcase their talents. This is an event that will be talked about for ever in the BRC. Order it today watchbattlelive.com and subscribe to yoyorapreview