Two Black Men Assaulted Inside Missouri Store by Manager [video]


A video posted to Facebook last night shows a Missouri store clerk assaulting two young Black men inside of a liquor store.

The video, posted by Derk Brown, opens with one of the young men lying on the floor of a Liquor Doctor in Berkeley, Missouri. The clerk can be seen sweeping up near where the customer is laying while the other man checks on him.

The clerk then grabs the second young man by the neck and slams him into a display rack.

“I told your ass to leave 10 minutes ago, didn’t I?” he asks, holding the customer by the collar of his shirt.

When noticing the man couldn’t breathe, he throws him to the ground.

Many Facebook users, angered by the clerk’s actions, voiced their frustrations in the comments below the post. Some demanded that the community boycott the store to send a message. “Bet you couldn’t go in they country and do that shit. Even if they folks was wrong,” wrote one user.

The video is quickly gaining traction on social media, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.