Social Media Proves Implicit Bias Against Black Gun Ownership


A social experiment conducted on the Mitchy Slick and But That’s None of My Business Facebook pages showed some interesting results.

But first, let’s call to mind the drive-by mannequin challenge that led to the arrest of two Black men and the seizure of multiple weapons and drugs in Madison County, Alabama.


It was the possession of several guns by this group of Black men that prompted an investigation, according to Capt. Mike Salomonsky of the Madison County Sherriff’s Department. So it was assumed by not only the average person who saw the video but also law enforcement that none of the young Black males in the video had a permit to own those guns.

This is in stark contrast to the White gun-toting mannequin challenge participants, who many assumed legally owned the weapons in the video and had no criminal record.


These reactions reinforce the notion that there’s an implicit bias towards associating Black people with criminality, as this study based upon the Harvard Implicit Association Test shows.

Whether or not an investigation into the possession of guns by the White people in the latest mannequin challenge video to surface will be launched under the same pretenses remains to be seen. Watch both of the videos below…