The Saga Continues: Baby Mitchy Slick Carries on the Iconic Name & Legacy


Since 2001, San Diego hip-hop star Mitchy Slick has been one of the most prominent voices for the city. To many he’s considered a west coast legend, and rightfully so. But within the last five or six years, his successors have sought to take the name to even greater heights, solidifying its place in music libraries for generations to come.

In December 2013, Lil’ Mitchy Slick was tragically killed in his hometown of San Diego at the age of 19. Despite being so young, he touched many people’s lives through his music and had released the fan-favorite “No Drama” not long before his passing. His insatiable hunger for success produced a multitude of songs and videos in a short period of time and would have undoubtedly carried him to the top.

Fast forward to 2017 and now the third generation of Mitchy Slick is emerging from the same urban trenches that his namesake introduced to the world. Though he’s only put out a handful of songs, they have garnered thousands of views between Soundcloud and YouTube. He brings the same raw, street-inspired lyrics and authenticity that many have come to associate with the “Mitchy Slick” brand but possesses his own distinctive style.

Now that he’s under the wing of his predecessor, it’s only a matter of time before Baby Slick is passed the torched and ushers in a new era, marking the beginning of the next chapter in the legacy of “Mitchy Slick.”