Sad: Woman is Brutally Beaten by Boyfriend on FB Live, Posts Cry for Help


WARNING: The video could be too disturbing for some viewers. Watch at your own discretion.

A woman made a split second decision to go ‘live’ on Facebook as she was brutally assaulted by her boyfriend. The videos have since gone viral, catching the attention of hundreds of thousands of people.

Before she made that decision, however, the woman, Rahshina Brown, posted a few status updates. In the first one, she asks if someone can give her a ride because he was ‘trying to fight her again.’ A minute later, she posted another status insisting that she ‘needed to run.’

via Facebook

The last Facebook post was much more urgent — she simply wrote ‘HELP.’

via Facebook

Exactly 34 minutes after her cry for help, Rahshina’s first livestream begins.

As soon as the two-minute video starts, the camera is facing the woman, Rahshina Brown, whose face is badly beaten. Moments later she turns the camera to her boyfriend, who then hurls a piece of clothing at her from across the room when he notices that she’s recording him. After that, the details become sketchy.

It seems Rahshina either fell to the ground or drops the phone, then the screen goes black. By the sound in the background, it’s clear that another struggle begins. Around 50 second mark, the camera catches the man on top of her throwing punches, then once again the picture goes dark.

Shortly after that, apparently the man gets control of the phone. Rahshina is heard demanding him to give her the phone back. Then the video ends.

A second livestream begins shortly after the first one ends. Rahshina is in a well-lit room and showing viewers the damage done to her face. The video ends after about 40 seconds.

Since the second livestream ended, Rahshina has not posted. It’s not clear what she did after the incident.