Would-Be Robber Forced to Strip BUTT NAKED Before He’s Kicked Out of House!


What’s even crazier is the intruder was a friend of the person who lived there! Read the account of what happened below…

“So this bitch ass nigga right here came in my house tonight to try and hit a lick! Bruh smiled in my face was just texting me a whole two hours ago like we were friends😹💀 funny how the same niggas that act like they fw you will turn around and steal from you!! He’s a bitch ass nigga ain’t got shit going for him, basic ass bum ass nigga will be a typical nigga in jail for the rest of his life 😹💀 so since you like to come into people’s houses uninvited you get blaster small dick having ass bih. Yo girlfriend or whoever you want can run my mf fade when I get back tomorrow and come take that major L lil nigga’ fucked with the right bitch you hoe. @Dakota”