Rapper Young QC Found Guilty of Killing Mom for Money

Qaw’mane “Young QC” Holmes (right) was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of his mom, Yolanda Holmes (left)

Qaw’mane “Young QC” Wilson had dreams of making it big in the music industry. But his desperation to get his hands on his mom’s cash may have closed the book on his career.

Reports say Wilson hired Eugene Spencer to go to his mom Yolanda Holmes’s Chicago home in 2012 and kill her. After the incident, Wilson took $70,000 from his mom’s account and used the money to buy expensive clothes and customize his car. He even decided to post a video on YouTube in which he took out cash from an ATM and threw it at his “fans.”

As a result, twp juries convicted Wilson and Spencer of first-degree murder, attempted murder, and home invasion.

Apparently, Spencer was offered $3,500 for the crime, but Wilson only ended up paying $70.

“After all this, we still don’t understand why he did it,” said Sondra Jackson, Holmes aunt and Wilson’s great aunt. “We are just happy to have this over.”