Two newly released videos show a Paterson, New Jersey officer viciously slapping a hospital patient.

The patient is heard provoking the cop to hit him, repeatedly telling him to ‘do it!’ The officer can be heard saying ‘you got the right one today.’ The patient laughs and calls him a ‘b*tch,’ the cop then slaps him twice across the left side of his face.

The smacks were so hard blood can be seen spraying onto the bed from the patient’s face.

The cop, Ruben McAusland, received a five-year prison sentence for drug dealing and assaulting a hospital patient. McAusland was on duty and in uniform during the March 18, 2018 incident.

The patient, identified as Andrew Casciano, has filed a $4 million lawsuit against the city.

Police officer Roger Then recorded video of the assault with his cell phone. Then has pleaded guilty for his role in the crime.