Pastor Uses Ex as a Testimony of God’s Ability to Deliver You from ‘Bad Situations,’ She Calls Men Trash


Well damn

A thread on Twitter got a little messy after a woman spilled the beans about her ex-boyfriend.

Apparently, her ex is now a pastor. In his sermons, she claims he’s using her as a “testimony of how God can deliver you from bad situations.”

Basically, she says it all stems from her cheating on him with his friend. To be clear, she says he also cheated on her with her friend — ‘we were both cheating,’ she clarified.

After finding out about her infidelity, she says he left ‘long messages’ then left. Weeks later, she learned that he became a pastor and preaching about God’s deliverance.

“Dude was that holy in this?” she asks, rhetorically.

Because of his actions, she states ‘men are trash.’ At the time of writing, her tweet has been reposted more than 10,000 times.

See tweet below for receipts.