Minutes After Taking Photo with a Pile of Money, Man is Set Up and Killed


Like many his age, 26-year-old Justuss Rogers took a photo posing with a bunch of money and thought nothing of it. But, DeKalb County police revealed this could have been what led to his death just minutes later.

Rogers spent the day handling errands for his small cell phone business with 20-year-old Lakoaia Johnson. According to a testimony given by Detective V.R. Van Hees, Johnson shared the photo with other men in a “group chat.” Those men then decided to rob him. Rogers was convinced by Johnson to drop her off at an address off South Hairston Road.

When they arrived, Johnson was pulled out of the car by an armed man who then shot Rogers dead, according to the Detective.

This testimony given by Van Hees was at at probable cause hearing for Johnson’s co-defendant, 18-year-old Gregory Montgomery, who allegedly took part in planning the robbery.

Another suspect, 17-year-old Shamar Davis told police, “All I know is there was a setup going on in the group chat.” Van Hees said the teen also implicated Montgomery, who was a long time friend.

Police still haven’t pinpointed the person who pulled the trigger. They took a man into custody they suspected of shooting Rogers, but his charges were tossed out in a previous hearing.

The police department is reportedly still looking for the shooter and an additional suspect.

For now, Judge Richard Foxworth found probable cause for the state to continue its case against Montgomery.