McDonald’s Manager Busted for Slipping Cocaine in Customers’ Food


A New York McDonald’s night-shift manager was flipping more than beef patties at his Bronx location. A police report from the NYPD states that Frank Guerrero, 26, ran a lucrative drug enterprise called “Operation Off the Menu” by peddling cocaine to McDonald’s customers.

His operation involved stashing the drugs in a soap dispenser and then making his drops by putting the drugs in a cookie bag, then adding to orders as a dessert. Since he had been running the operation for eight years, his buyers never used a code word. He was arrested after he sold nearly $11,000 worth of cocaine to an undercover cop over the course of eight transactions. In one of the deals, Guerrero sold a total of 100 grams of coke and crack to the officer for $6,250 – the officer reportedly waited in a booth inside the restaurant where Guerrero served him a to-go bag containing the goods.

Though customers were not allowed to enter the 24-hour McDonald’s location Guerrero worked at between certain hours, he made exceptions for his “special” customers, who were able to wait for their orders inside. The names of other night shift workers who worked at the same time as Guerrero have not been given to key witnesses.

On Wednesday authorities raided Guerrero’s home where they discovered 200 grams of cocaine and a more than $5,300 in cash, the New York Daily News reports. His girlfriend, Leidy Cabral, 24, was reportedly taken into custody on drug related charges.