L.A. Food Stand Was Flipping More Than Burgers, Feds Say

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57-year-old Brian Sawyers is looking at some serious time in prison.

Sawyers is the owner of B.D. Burgers, a restaurant located on S. Central Ave. in Watts, CA. Officials say it was at this location an ATF confidential informant purchased crack cocaine from Sawyers.

The informant allegedly bought 1 ounce of crack from Sawyers in the first deal, and 2.5 ounces in the second. Being that Sawyers has three other drug convictions on his record, two of them federal, he was looking at a minimum of 10 years in prison. However, outside of the two aforementioned deals, there’s no other accusations of another drug deal ever having took place at B.D. Burgers.

Sawyers ended up with a 15 year sentence. ATF Los Angeles Special Agent in Charge Eric D. Harden said in a statement that…

“This lengthy sentence reinforces that commitment and acts as a deterrent to any person contemplating the same conduct.”

On a lighter note, B.D. Burgers seems to be going strong as a legitimate business. Many patrons gave it their stamp of approval.