Kenneka Jenkins’ Friends Call Out Irene Roberts on Facebook Live


Two girls who were friends of the late Kenneka Jenkins–the teen who was suspiciously found dead inside of a hotel freezer in the Chicago area–have come forward to call out Jenkins’ “fake friends,” including Irene Roberts.

The girls took aim at the people who have been making Facebook posts talking about how much they love and miss Kenneka, but they say their actions in real life don’t match their words.

The girls state many of these people, Kenneka’s so-called “friends,” have not been showing up to the “Justice for Kenneka Jenkins” protests at the Rosemont Hotel where her death occurred, using every excuse in the book to justify their absence. At the same time, they say they have met people at the protests who came from as far away as Las Vegas to show support, so their reasons for not coming don’t seem to hold weight.

They question why many of these people found a way to attend the party the night Jenkins passed but can’t make the same effort to attend a protest on her behalf.