Alleged Gang Affiliated Student Confronts Teacher for Writing with Blue Marker


A young teen with supposed ties to a local Blood set did not like his teacher writing with the color of a rival gang.

In the video recorded by a classmate, the instructor in the middle of teaching when the student gets up and starts toward the front of the room to confront him.

‘What is this?,’ the teen asks as he approaches the teacher.

Another boy joins in and presses him about his choice of color: ‘Why is it in blue? Put it in red.’

The alleged gang-affiliated teen then takes the electronic eraser from the teacher and begins wiping the board.

Eventually, the teacher gives in and switches the color of the marker to black instead.

The teen then walks back to his desk and sits down saying: ‘He [is a] fool.’

The two gangs in question reportedly have a long=standing rivalry that goes back decades.