G” Len & Denver Lane Bloods Discuss Origins of ‘Whoop Whoop’


As the Blood culture continues to propagate by way of rap music, some Denver Lane Bloods OG’s feel they’re not getting the credit they deserve for the foundation they’ve been laying for decades.

Recently, Alex Alonso at streetgangs.com gave them a platform to speak their mind.

Among them was G” Len, who informs viewers he dropped an album entitled “Woop Woop” back in ’94.

Len and the others also speak of the impact B-Brazy made on the rap game. He credits Braze with helping popularize ‘woop woop’ and ‘slide like this.’

But…what DOES ‘whoop whoop’ actually mean?

To quote the elder in the video, ‘it means different things in different stages.’ But, they did break down a few of the most commonly used meanings.

For those who want to dive deeper into the history, check out G” Len’s Woop Woop album.