Fruit Town Pirus In Compton Address Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Situation


The “Fruit Town Piru” gang has been plastered all over social media over the last week. Entirely due to the recent Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown “beef,” who both claim to be from the hood.

After numerous videos began circulating that showed Soulja Boy in Fruit Town Piru’s hood in Compton with several of its members, people began to wonder if he was really accepted.

That’s what prompted Alex Alonso and StreetGangs to investigate.

In the video, Alex speaks with several other Fruit Town Pirus about their thoughts regarding the recent events. They, unlike the others seen in Soulja Boy’s videos, do not accept him or Chris Brown.

They say they’ve never seen either of them in their community, but concede that they do know some OG’s from the gang, who are allegedly allowing them to claim it in exchange for money.