#FreeLucci: Support Grows for Man Shot & Arrested by LAPD


On Monday morning, news from Los Angeles began to circulate about an officer-involved shooting late Sunday night. ABC News reports that the officers stumbled upon a “gang party” in front of a home and were fired upon. As people fled the scene, cops returned fire, hitting the alleged gunman in the shoulder then took him into custody. Police say they recovered a weapon from the scene.

However, witnesses tell a different story.

Instagram user @kbeezzyyy was the first to post a statement that has since gained a lot of traction on Instagram. In his statement, he says that a few guests ran after police rolled up to their friend’s memorial service. Police then opened fire on the crowd, striking one man, “Lucci,” in the shoulder. He emphasizes that one of Lucci’s hands is in a cast and he had nothing in the other. He also denies that anyone shot at the police and that they are changing the story to cover up the truth.

Friends and supporters are using a #FreeLucci hashtag on Instagram to bring awareness to the story and spread the word.