Former Inmate Breaks Down Snitches Working with Police in Prison


“Keep a lot of s*** to yourself and don’t be gossiping, because these dudes’ll get you caught up…”

Popular YouTube channel “Fresh Out – Life After the Penitentiary” received a question from a viewer who wanted to know how snitching works in prison.

To answer this question, the channel brought in a former inmate. The man’s background includes time served in juvenile hall, CYA, and federal prison. Having spent years of his life behind bars, he gives a very thorough answer.

The former inmate breaks down these “rats'” operation with little to no effort. He talks about how they often ‘drop kites’ in the mailbox to keep prison officials informed on the latest gossip and day-to-day business.

According to him, some of these snitches are inmates who are doing time for “punk ass shit.” C.O.’s can leverage this to get them bend to their will. If not, they threaten to expose them.

Others, he says, “have no get-up-and-go about themselves to fight their case” and do “nothing positive” so they try and get in everyone’s business.

To communicate with C.O.’s, they do what is known as ‘dropping a kite’ in the mailbox. Officials then receive the kite or note the next day.

Jailhouse informants’ are rewarded for their cooperation in a number of ways. They may receive items from the commissary or get time taken off their sentence.

His advice to viewers is to keep your mouth shut if you end up in there. Some may look like gangsters, but in actuality, they are full blown informants.