Erykah Badu’s Classic Albums ‘Baduizm’ & ‘Mama’s Gun’ Now Available On Vinyl


Attention record collectors and R&B fans. For the first time ever, Erykah Badu’s classic debut album Baduizm is available in its entirety on vinyl.

Previously, the 1997 set – which helped the sub-genre known as Neo-Soul explode into a global phenomenon – was released as a nine-track single LP.

But Motown is now letting loose a full vinyl version of Badu’s project as part of the “Respect The Classics” initiative.

2000’s masterful Mama’s Gun is also for sale in vinyl form.

Both platinum albums are presented as two standard-weight LPs.

Baduizm Tracklisting

Side A
1. Rimshot (Intro)
2. On & On
3. Appletree
4. Otherside of the Game
Side B
1. Sometimes (Mix #9)
2. Next Lifetime
3. Afro (Freestyle Skit)
4. Certainly
Side C
1. 4 Leaf Clover
2. No Love
3. Drama
Side D
1. Sometimes…
2. Certainly (Flipped It)
3. Rimshot (Outro)

'Mama's Gun' 2LP Set

‘Mama’s Gun’ 2LP Set

Mama’s Gun Tracklisting
Side A
1. Penitentiary Philosophy
2. Didn’t Cha Know
3. My Life
4. …& On
Side B
1. Cleva
2. Hey Sugah
3. Booty
4. Kiss Me on My Neck (Hesi)
5. A.D. 2000
Side C
1. Orange Moon
2. In Love With You
3. Bag Lady
Side D
1. Time’s a Wastin
2. Green Eyes

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