Extra Voices: Christian Keyes, Pt. 2

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Extra Voices: Jonathan Butler

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4-Year-Old Gets the Halloween Surprise of His Life

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Kevin Hart Is Thirsty!

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Oklahoma High School Student Offended by Teacher’s Lecture

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Man High on METH Tweaks Out at Casino!

Man High on METH Tweaks Out at a Casino! pic.twitter.com/qPvTfH4UIj— M.SlickIsEverywhere (@msiseverywhere) November 21, 2016 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Someone sitting close by happened to catch this man high...

L.A. Food Stand Was Flipping More Than Burgers, Feds Say

57-year-old Brian Sawyers is looking at some serious time in prison. Sawyers is the owner of B.D. Burgers, a restaurant located on S. Central Ave....

Black Veteran Accused of Being an IMPOSTOR; Gets Food Taken Away By Chili’s Manager!

This is disgusting. This man provided all the necessary documentation needed to show he and his dog served in the U.S. military but that...

Teacher Tells Students White People Are More Superior

The teacher has been placed on paid suspension. Source link

Nick Cannon Is Dating Again!

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