Bronx Blood Gang Member Runs Over EMT For ‘Wearing Too Much Blue’

Jose "Breezy Blood" Gonzalez, Bronx gang member

“What that ‘B’ like?”

…are said to be the last words EMT Yadira Arroyo heard before getting ran over by her own ambulance.

The culprit, 25-year-old Bronx Blood gang member, Jose Gonzalez, who’s known as Breezy Blood in the streets.

“When he confronted her, he kept saying ‘blood this’ and ‘blood that,’ a witness said, “I thought he was having some sort of medical emergency.”

“He said ‘bick’ a couple times,” another witness told police, “that didn’t make sense to me. I mean, if he wanted a lighter he could’ve got one at the bodega across the street.”

It was after Arroyo purportedly refused to take off all her blue attire that Gonzalez started set trippin.

Determined to get his bang on, Gonzalez stole Arroyo’s ambulance. He then proceeded to strike Arroyo with the vehicle.

Brennan Thompson, a student at Columbia University, said the scene “looked like some sh!t straight out of Grand Theft Auto.”

“To put it simply,” Thompson concluded, “it was kind of awesome.”


Gonzalez lives in the Fordham Heights neighborhood of the Bronx, and is no stranger to police. His lengthy rap sheet includes over 30 arrests — plus six other contacts with cops relating to mental illness or injury.

One of his most recent arrests dates back to January of this year, according to police sources. He was found guilty of pistol whipping a 40 year old store clerk who failed to replace all words beginning with a ‘C’ in his sentence with a ‘B.’

“The store clerk had responded to Gonzalez’s ‘what’s brackin?’ greeting with something along the lines of, ‘I’m cool as a cucumber man’…and, well…Gonzalez interpreted it as some sort of challenge.

Gonzalez remins in police custody, where he awaits trial.