Black Man is Called the N-WORD by Trump Supporters . . . Then He Catches Them at a Stoplight & Gets His Revenge!



So I’m at the gas station and I hear these 3 white guys whispering about my car. I hear one of them say “It’s that Black dudes car over there”. No biggie….bcuz I am black…& it is my car. So I give em a pass, but I’m thinking to myself ‘I hope these mufucka’s kno they walkin on thin ice’. As they are leavin one looks back and says “Hey NIGGER…..Nice Car!” Then they hopped in their car….roll the window down & yell “Trump Bitch! U and that car can go back to Africa!” & then they sped off. By now everybody in the gas station started staring at me. I gave the attendant a $20 bill for my Gatorade & told him to keep the change. I then hopped in my car… go follow these pussies & that’s when I realized they caught the red light & were stuck in traffic. I hopped out my car….knocked on dudes window…..& told him to get the fuck out the car & repeat what he said at the gas station. He flipped me off & said “Fuck u NIG….” & before he could get the rest of the word out his mouth….I punched his window out…..unlocked the door…..drug him out the car & begin to whoop his ass! His homie hopped out the passenger side….so I square up with him. He immediately apologizes. I give his buddy one last courtesy kick…& I jump in my car and pull off. Morale of this story is: Stop letting Donald Trump give u this false sense of security! Yes we kno he will become president of this country….but don’t let that be the reason u get yo ass whooped! This isn’t 1960. Fuck Freedom-Fighting & Marching! U talk that racist bullshit around the wrong Black Man & u will learn a Life Lesson! #CampaignForDatAssWhoopin#UWillGetElected #TruStry