6ix9ine’s Ex-Manager Calls Him an ‘Ungrateful Rat Bastard’ in Phone Interview from Prison


During a phone interview with Tekashi 6ix9ine’s former DJ Pvnch, Shotti had some choice words for his former artist. In no uncertain terms, he let it be known the rainbow-haired mega-star ‘broke every code and every rule,’ calling him a snitch. ‘He’s an ungrateful rat bastard, man,’ Shotti said.

‘He told for no reason; he fucked up his name for no reason,’ Shotti also said of the disgraced rapper.

As the nearly 10-minute long conversation progresses, it’s clear that Shotti is frustrated about the case. Apparently, he’s still standing on those words he previously spoke in the courtroom, repeating that he’ll never “break, bend or fold.” He tells Pvnch that he’ll probably end up serving ten years in prison, which matches the information in the reports that surfaced today.

Despite the current situation, Shotti is confident he’ll come home, and better than ever.

Listen to the full conversation above.