Flo-Rida Accepts $1 MILLION Dollars to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration


Flo-Rida known for hit songs “Get Low” and a bunch of other crossover hits has accepted a cool MILLION dollars to perform at Trump’s inauguration and we for one can’t blame him… A million dollars for 45 minutes is one HELL of a come up and since he owes millions in back taxes! This payday is right on time.

RadarOnline reports:

The list of artists performing at Donald Trump‘s inauguration is growing — and Radar has the exclusive details on the latest unlikely name added to the docket.

A source close to rapper Flo Rida tells Radar he’s set to perform at the inauguration, and will even get $1 million for it!

The payout seems quite convenient for the “Low” hit-maker, who owed nearly $1.2 million in tax liens back in 2014.

Would you do it for a MILLION Knowing you’ll be called a SELL OUT?!? by your OWN PEOPLE